Thirteen Year Cycle Hits Jefferson City

Have you heard the cicadas? They can drown out a conversation on the patio, they are that loud!!

Missouri is experiencing the 13 year cicadas, a bug that spends its adolescence underground, just to emerge 13 years later. The last time we saw these critters: 1998.

There are actually a 13 year and a 17 year brood. It seems that the 13 year brood is the dominant one. The next time these two broods will overlap is 2219. Yea.

Missouri 13 year periodic cicada

I remember summers in Marceline where the sound of cicadas meant that summer was full in swing, that it was night time and mom would be calling us in. I remember tanning in the yard with the drone of cicadas lulling me to sleep.

I also remember thinking that the shells were pretty cool. I am sure that was due to my Uncle Jim, who always appreciated what nature gave us and pointed things out to my sister and me all the time.

Truman and Wilson are fascinated with them and try to eat them. When I looked them up, they are not poisonous to animals but it might make their tummies hurt.

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