Naturescaping Open House

Today Bob and I enjoyed going to an Open House for naturescaping.  This is a landscaping project using mostly native Missouri plants.  The intent is to educate citizens about what native plants do for conservation of butterflies and birds.  The gardens on tour belong to Sue and Andy Leahy of Brentwood.  Sue happens to be an advisor for the Columbia College campus where Bob is the director.

The St. Louis Audubon Society had tour guides to walk you through the garden and explain the various species of flowers and to answer questions.  It was a wonderful tour and we both learned a lot about native Missouri flowers.

I took photos of my favorites, hoping someday to include these plants in my own garden.

This is Cardinal Flower.  What a fun flower to have in the garden!!

This is American Beauty berry.  Those purple berries really show up!

This is trumpet vine.  My grandmother had this growing in her backyard.

This is goldenrod and butterfly bush together.  What a pretty combination of flowers.

Sue gave me some great advice about my gardening.  As plants I have die out, replace them with a native Missouri plant.  I love this idea, as I don't want to go and pull out plants that are growing just fine.  This year we planted purple coneflowers.  We need to replace a few plants that didn't make it and I am hoping we can add a coreopsis, smooth asters, butterfly weed, or american beauty berry. 

One of the best sources that Sue shared was Missouri Wildflowers Nursery at  This site will answer many questions about planting Missouri wildflowers in your garden.
Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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