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Today in the Garden

Today I took a stroll in our backyard garden to assess what, if any, damages happened during the storm last night.  All looked fine, so I decided to take a couple of pictures of the plants.  Summer has treated the plants well, in addition to the constant attention Bob gave them this summer.

This plant has grown huge since the Garden Tour in June.  The coleus has gotten big and the rose moss was a great choice for the hot and humid August.  There are two colors of coleus, Coleus Big Red and in the back Coleus Chartreuse.  I love working with coleus because of the color selection and because it typically can handle Missouri weather.  The zebra grass in the center was for height and color variation.  The rose moss is red. 

The tomatoes loved their new garden.  Bob built this using materials from Lowes and a special order for the corner brackets.  He filled the garden bed with topsoil and a mix of Miracle Gro soil.  It was a good combination for the purple cherokee tomatoes, the plum tomatoes, and the cherry tomatoes we bought.  We have had a pounds of tomatoes this year and from the looks of the bushes below, we have many more coming!

Even though it isn't growing, it is in the garden.  I am referring to this lovely piece of art, purchased in Indianapolis at an Art Fair there.  I love that it moves with the wind.  It is a lovely sculpture in our garden and something we enjoy while refreshing our energies.

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