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New Town: Bash at the Farm

For the last month New Town residents have been taking up the cause of asking the City of Saint Charles to vote against allowing a popular developer to rezone land that is already zoned for the higher density homes like New Town.  Unbeknownst to the residents, the Founder, WBI, has sold acreage out of New Town and asked the developer not to connect it to New Town, which is against all principles of a New Urbanist design.  What the motive is for WBI to do this is unknown, but what is for certain is the Founder does not represent New Town residents' best interests.

The New Urbanist design, walkable neighborhoods of mixed use areas, many public spaces, community institutions framed with lovely architecture, designed landscaped areas, shops and offices within walking distance of home, playgrounds, sustainable living right in your neighborhood, isn't a lifestyle but a quality of life issue.  NewUrbanism.org says that "taken together, these add up to a high quality of life well worth living, creating places that enrich, uplift, and inspire the human spirit."

New Town is just that, and proof of that was the Bash at the Farm event held at New Town's own farm, GlenMark.  GlenMark is owned by Glenda and Mark Ell, two well-known and loved residents of New Town.  The Bash is a fall event where residents of Saint Charles and others, come to listen to good music, eat, drink, dance and celebrate.  This is the third one that we have known about and the first one we have attended.  It was fun saying hello and chatting with those we have come to regard as friends here in New Town.

I wish WBI could have seen The Bash tonight. I believe they would have truly understood the New Urbanist principles by which the residents hold dear.  I also wish the City of Saint Charles Council would come to understand that we are requesting the zoning of the acreage sold by WBI to remain the same, for the betterment of Saint Charles.  Isn't that what we all want?

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