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American Cancer Society Cardinals Baseball Game 2015

Our family has been struck by cancer, not once, twice, three, but at least four times.  One of my favorite people in the world is fighting cancer right now.  The American Cancer Society works hard to raise money for cancer (of all kinds) research and I believe they are making an impact!

One of the fundraising activities for ACS is the Cardinals baseball game.  A ticket to the game and a hot dog and a soda can be purchased for $35.  Part of the money raised goes to ACS.  The Cardinals have supported ACS for many years.

This year Bob's family came out with us!  It was so much fun to have them all at the game.  It was a give away day, so all of the adults got a gym bag!

The ACS ticket holders got into the stadium at 9:00 and such a whirlwind of activities!  Ashley and I headed straight for the Cardinals dug out tours.  We had a blast!  The workers were so nice and didn't rush people through.

There were all kinds of autograph stations, too.  Bob and Eric got quite a few!  The pep assembly started around 10:30 and that's where we met up with some of Bob's family.

We claimed nearly a whole row of seats!  Ashley, me, Eric, Bob, Alex, Adam, Kelley, Susan, David, Tim, Jeanne, Karen, Janie, Gary and Joy.

We were H O T but it was a great time.  Even flying around the stadium looking for the snocone lady was fun.

Maybe this will be come a family event for years to come.  I'd like that.

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