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Favorite Finds Saturday

I've had a busy busy week this week meeting with school principals to get their professional development organized for the school year!  Lots of new teacher meetings scheduled and I am excited for the work that is about to begin for the 2015-16 school year.  That did not prevent me from finding some exciting and fun things to share with you!

To start off, I wanted to share with you this adorable diffuser.  It fits on your desk and puffs out whatever essential oils you put in it.  I have added peppermint and the next product I am going to show you, which gives me a nice boost in the afternoon.  You can find it here on Amazon.  At $16 it is reasonably priced for a diffuser.

To go with my new diffuser, I found this De-Stress Essential Oil blend by Zen.  It's $20 but to buy all the oils needed to make this blend would cost much much more.  I really enjoyed the scent and I do feel more relaxed by the time the work day ends.  You can find it here at Amazon.

Speaking of oils, I also was pleased to find this wonderful body oil that is fabulous for my drier skin.  I never thought I would use an oil, but this one just glides in, doesn't leave you feeling oily like you do with suntan oil.  I love the way my skin feels with it on!  You can also find this on Amazon.  Right here.

Can you see the succulent plant above with the Body Silk oil?  I got it at Aldi's and that is this week's last great find.  These bowls of succulents were only $7.99.  I also got an aloe plant for $4.99.  These plants are pricey elsewhere.  I am a huge Aldi's fan, since being reintroduced to it by my neighbor, Ali.  We are Aldi's enablers, each telling the other of our good finds there!

My weekend is full of friends and fun.  Hope yours is, too!

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