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Favorite Finds Saturday

I hope this week has been a wonderful one for you!  It's been busy now since schools across my area are now back in session.  I love working with teachers!   I also started teaching college classes for Columbia College in the evenings.  I am beyond excited about this, too!

I found some fabulous products to share this week.  I am so excited to share these with you, and do a little promoting of a tiny Etsy shop I know of.  Let's start with that one first!

1.  Homemade crocheted dish cloths.  I love these so much!  My friend Karlene gave me my first one and I have been "hooked" ever since.  This delightful one is from the Etsy shop called Balm and Honey.  I happen to know that the shopkeeper raises bees, so I am eager to see if she starts selling products from her shop!

2.  My dogs are crazy for these cookies! As you can see, my hyperactive dog is willing to sit and be patient for this treat.  They smell good and as you can see from the packaging, no corn, no soy and no wheat.  We give these an A+ in our house!  There are many different flavors, too!  You can find them here for your pup!

3.   I am in love with these Herb Freezer Tray Set from Pampered Chef.  Chop up your herbs, add a little water, freeze into cubes and then store in the freezer.  Pop in a herb cube to soups, stews, casseroles...wherever you need a bit of fresh herb!  The silicone bottoms help push the cube out cleanly.  Makes the whole process so much easier!

4.   I found the autumn scents from Febreze in Walmart this week!  I couldn't wait to get this into my guest bathroom.  My thoughts have been on fall all week, probably due to the cooler temps.  This is the perfect autumn scent, just enough but doesn't overwhelm.  

If you find a product I should try, leave a comment in the comment section.  I love looking for and trying new products!  Have a wonderful day!

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