Favorite Finds Saturday

This has been a busy week for me as my schools are starting back and I have been working with new teachers and administrators in several districts.  I don't have as many finds as I usually do, but the ones I have are well worth talking about!

1.  The EV Beauty Proline Flat Iron.  I have been shopping for a reasonably priced flat iron for some time now.  I was given an opportunity to try this one at a reduced price in exchange for a review.  I fell in love with it.  This set of pictures tells you why!  My reasons for loving it:  wide range of temperatures and a super fast heat up time.

2.   This awesome credit card holder with RFID blocking.  Great for traveling or hanging around busy places like a ball park.  Again, made available to me at a reduced price.  It fits perfectly into my crossbody handbag.

and 3.  This new book by Dr. Seuss.  Technically it is not a new book but it is newly published.  Fabulously fun, and some hints on how to use this book found here.

I hope your weekend is full of favorite finds!  Until next week!

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