Book Review: The Hill by Karen Bass

One of my favorite books to read to my classes was Hatchet by Gary Paulson.  The book, full of adventure about a young boy who survives a plane crash in the Canadian wilderness, sparked the imagination of my students.

When I heard of the book, The Hill by Karen Bass, the description sounded like a more modern version of Hatchet, and I was eager to dive in and see what might a survival book for 2016 might look like.  I was pretty disappointed, as the survival skills shown were at a minimum and were nothing new, such as eating berries and pemmican.

If you like zombie chasing scenes, I believe this is the book for you!  The descriptions were not overly scary but there was some tenseness built into the scenes.  The night in the teepee was my favorite.

So while this wasn't the book I thought it might be, that's not the fault of the author.Perhaps the description might say something to the effect of a long Native American legend is chasing them.  Otherwise, you might get people like me, who think it was a bear.

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