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St. Charles Convention Center Winter Tasting

My husband's job as Director of the St. Louis campus of Columbia College has some fun perks!  One of them is the biannual event at the St. Charles Convention Center where we get to taste their new platings for events.  We recently attended the Winter Tasting event where we had such a good time chatting with the event coordinators and seeing people we know who were planning spring and summer events.

We were greeted with wine and passed hors d' ouvres.  I sampled the mini eggroll and a darling cone filled with a mixture of Mexican spices, cheese and chicken.  Very delicious.  All the servers were fun and had a bit of conversation with you while you were eating.  I like that.

Once inside the main ballroom, you could see the spaciousness of it.  The room was set up as if for a reception, with a band at the far end, food down the center, and tables on both sides.  It looked amazing, with fun tablecloths at the stand up tables.  Not just the well ironed cotton!

We checked out the desserts first.  There were over 20 different offerings of items from a cake pop to a decadent layered brownie topped with toffee.  Oh my.

We got our drinks and found a table.  Our table was round, seating 10, with chair coverings.  The table was covered with a brocade style cloth.  The centerpiece was simple but sparkly.

Our food was delicious too, sometimes the beef was a bit over cooked for our liking. The sauces were delicious and perfectly seasoned, with just enough salt.

My favorites were the mushroom ravioli and the vegetable lasagne, yum!

The vegetables and the prime rib were delicious!
We sat back and relaxed to the music, talked to a few servers, enjoyed our food and then made our way back to the front.  We were asked how we enjoyed the event and we decided to take off.  Already eagerly awaiting the Fall tasting!

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