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What's New Out There? Products I Love!

From time to time I get asked to review some products.  I love doing it as I get introduced to some new brands and then I get to share them with you!  Sometimes these are products I see in the store and just want you to know how they turned out.  This post is a little of both.

Truman and Wilson love it when the big box from Chewy.com comes!  They know there will be a delightful treat inside!  This month we tried a special treat in the form of dog food.  This dog food is called Merrick Grain Free Vension Holiday Stew.  My dogs loved this.  Chunks of deer meat, red potatoes, carrots, zucchini and peas, my dogs were thrilled to have this in their bowl.  My little Truman is a picky eater and now he is excited about meal time!  It is important that you know that I got this product free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion about the product.  

The second product is one I discovered at our local grocery store, Dierbergs.  This popcorn is such a delicious treat for those of us trying to reduce fat and sugar from our diets.  The truffle flavoring isn't too heavy and feels like a sophisticated treat.  

This last product was sent to me as a review item as well.  I paid a small fee for it in exchange for my honest opinion about it on Amazon.  This Proodoz Culinary Blow Torch works fantastically!  My son-in-law used it for one of our Christmas dishes and I have used it several times for a variety of purposes.  I love that you can control the size of the flame and how easy it is to load with fuel.  

I also wanted to share with you how much we are loving our membership with Green Chef.  A friend sent us a coupon and we got to try a few meals for free before signing up.  We get three meals a week for the two of us for about $80.  Each meal comes completely prepped.  All we have to do is cook it.  Bob says the recipes are easy to follow and I can attest on how delicious they are!

This steak with fig jam, sauteed garlicky kale and red potatoes was so delicious.  Absolutely everything you need to make it comes to you, prepared, as in chopped, sliced or minced and all you do is follow the directions!  You can try it to, use this link to get four free meals!  http://greenchef.com/invite/xgd9n

If you try any of these products, let me know if you liked them!  

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