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Top Ten Valentine Dinner Dates with Kids!

I know there are a lot of people out there who believe that Valentine's Day is just a day for the card companies to make money, but I am one of those who believe that sometimes people need to be reminded to stop and say, I love you, once in a while.

Traditionally the protocol is to send flowers, go out to dinner, exchange gifts and cards.  Last year my husband and I did things a little bit differently and had a fabulous time, which inspired this post:

Top Ten Valentine Dinner Dates!

1.  White Castle.  No, I am totally serious.  My husband and I went there last year before Beach Boys concert. The waiters were awesome, the menu was printed and on our table, which had a tablecloth and decorations.  The restaurant was closed to walk in traffic, which made you feel extra special.  If you have kids, they are welcome, plus it's super cheap.
2.  Plan a group date.  Get neighbors together, plan a dinner party, then split up the duties.  Get a babysitter to come to one of the houses and all the kids go there.  Great way to have a wonderful meal, at a fraction of the cost and with great company!

3.  Volunteer at your local soup kitchen.  Instead of paying big bucks to go to a fancy dinner, find a soup kitchen in need of help that night.  Serve others and flirt with each other during the service.  Your kids will love/hate it!

4.  Have a dance party!  Get dressed up,  download your favorite tunes when you were a kid, some current pop tunes, and some of grandma and grandpa's favorites.  Skype with your in-laws while your kids cut a rug to their favorite tunes.
5. Take a cooking class together.  Cooking classes are so much fun, and some allow hands-on training while others are more of a watch-and-learn.  Either way, most classes include dinner and wine, and for a really reasonable price.
6.  Picnic at home.  Grab your favorite deli food and eat in front of the fireplace, on the floor.  Fire up the fireplace, turn on a romantic movie, and enjoy each other's company.  This can easily be a family event, order heart shaped pizza from your local pizzeria.
7.  Cook at home.  In today's world, we are all so busy that we rarely have time to sit in the kitchen preparing a good home cooked meal.  My husband is a fabulous cook, and there isn't a restaurant that can cook a steak like he can.  Plan a menu together, set a pretty table, share kitchen duties, and enjoy a great meal!
8. Pay it forward.  Go out to dinner.  Look around.  Pay for another couple's dinner.  Have the waiter give the couple a pre-prepared card that says, "Happy Valentine's Day! We paid for your dinner, all we ask it that you pay it forward someday."  Keep in mind that you could be doubling your dinner price (or more) but it will be a blast picking out your recipients together!
9. Hang out.  Go to an arcade, get a cotton candy, hold hands and giggle.  Wear your favorite blue jeans and sneakers.  Grab a burger at your favorite burger joint.  Wear your old letter jacket, if you can!  Create a mix tape of your favorite tunes.
10.  Camp out.  Make foil dinners and banana boats for dessert.  Play card games and look at the stars. If you can, build a fire in the firepit and snuggle up.

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