Bee Bath

I read this post by Garden Therapy and was inspired to make this adorable bee bath for my garden. When you read this article about bee baths you will learn all about why water is important to the bees. I want to focus on the plant that brings bees to my garden and that is catmint.  Catmint is the bushy plant with the blue/purple flowers below.  You can see the bee bath in the lower left hand corner!

Catmint has so many redeeming qualities. It's beautiful, with its ever blooming purple stalks, it's deer and rabbit resistant, easy to care for, grows well in all soil types and likes both shade and sun.  As the name implies, cats seem to love it, too!

Bees swarm to this plant. They are very busy here and ignore us as we walk to and from the garden. Because there are so many bees, I thought it would be the perfect location for my bee bath. 

A bee bath is quite simple to make. Turn a pot upside down. Place a dish made of ceramic or glass on top. Add a few river rock for the bees to perch on while collecting water. Add water daily so that the bees find it and will come to it. 

It is a conversation starter in our neighborhood. You can see the bee bath from the alley where the neighbors walk. It's always fun getting to know my neighbors!

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Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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