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New Town Garden Tour 2016

The New Town Garden Club had its annual garden tour June 12.  The weather was so miserably hot that our attendance was down.  I was disappointed for our residents who spent so much time getting the gardens ready.  Still, those who went on the tour had nothing but wonderful things to say about the gardens.

This year we did something new:  we had a wreath raffle!  Say that three times fast!  We had 12 wreaths donated to the club and we sold tickets.  All the wreaths were very beautiful and the winners were thrilled when they learned they had won a wreath!

The Garden Club is raising money to put in a bird garden at the end of the big lake.  We've been raising money for some time now.  We need quite a bit to do the work we've envisioned.  I would guess we are about 2/3rds there.  Once we hit 3/4, I believe we will do a Go Fund Me effort for the rest.

Here's a brief walk through of some of the gardens and their highlights.  Some of the photos are from one of the tour participants. 

Fantastic color.


Love this outdoor room!

Fairy tale garden

What a beautiful dining space.

The art in the gardens is just beautiful!

A fantastic water feature

This color combination!

There is nothing more alluring than a rusty garden gate!

These trees add just the correct amount of whimsy to this garden.

The colors of these lilies are so beautiful!
 I hope you enjoyed the tour!  Next year I hope we have better attendance so we can begin to start our fantastic plan for a bird garden.  Stay tuned for the 2017 New Town Garden Tour!

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