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One of the best things about summer are popsicles.  I do love the store bought ones in the plastic sleeves.  Recently I learned you can buy those sleeves so I am just thinking of the possiblities...  My favorite is grape and then the pink one, is it watermelon or strawberry?

Call it what you might, popsicle, freezer pop, ice lolly, or whatever, it is essentially flavored water frozen with some kind of a stick to hold on to.  A gentleman by the name of Epperson claims to have invented the treat by accident in 1905.  Commercially produced by the same man in 1923, he sold the rights and later the frozen treat became known as the Popsicle.

When my sister and I were little, mom mom would pour KoolAid into a special mold that had a plastic stick that could be reused.  I'm pretty sure it was a Tupperware product.  Again, my favorite flavor was grape!  She'd also make KoolAid ice cubes by pouring the liquid into an ice cube tray.  Our ice cube trays were made of metal and had a lever to pull to separate the ice.  I remember that dad had to pull the lever back sometimes!  We loved to put the ice cubes in a bowl and sit out side and lick on them!

Check out these awesome varieties of popsicles.  Things have certainly gotten a lot more fancy since those early days!

Nut Milk Popsicles – by A Beautiful Mess
Coke Float Popsicles – by Lil’ Luna
Strawberry Banana Popsicles – by Bless This Mess
Pineapple Chipotle Popsicles – by Home Cooking Memories
Fruit Flower Popsicles – by The Idea Room
Strawberry Watermelon Pops – by Our Best Bites
Creamy Vanilla Popsicles – by the Flavor Bender
Red White & Blue Popsicles – by Real Food Whole Life
Firecracker Ice Pops – by the Last Ingredient
Easy Healthy Fruit Popsicles – by A Cultivated Nest
Strawberry Kiwi Yogurt Popsicles – by Your Modern Family
Blueberry Lemon Popsicles – by Rachel Cooks
Limeade Popsicles – by A Simple Pantry
Spiced Ginger Pear Popsicles – by Premeditated Leftovers

Homemade Blueberry Strawberry Popsicles – by Glue Sticks & Gumdrops

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  1. Pretty sure we had those same tupperware popsicle maker when I was a kid! We had orange juice made from concentrate we'd freeze. So good on a hot day!

  2. So many great varieties, would love to try lemon ones as I love anything sour!

  3. OH I want to try those lime ones! We love making our own Popsicles! My daughter has food dye allergies, so for her this is the best way to enjoy them!

  4. Homemade popsicles are the best. I remember as a kid making them in the summer.

  5. Such a great list of recipes for making your own popsicles. I love to do that in the summertime, but get into such a rut for what to make.

  6. The popsicles look amazing. There are many different flavors it is so hard to decide which one I would choose.

  7. I love all popsicles! They instantly bring me back to my childhood!

  8. I love making homemade popsicles for my kiddos, then it makes it so I can know what is going in each one!

  9. I LOVE homemade popsicles in summer. I will have them for breakfast, lunch and dinner! I'm always looking for new popsicle recipes, I can't wait to try some of these!

  10. This looks so yummy! The weather here in AL is at 93°F. You can imagine how I feel about wanting these so bad right now

  11. I have never met a popsicle that I didn't like, I don't believe. Well, ok, there was this watermelon flavored one one time that was not that great. However, all your varieties I am sure would be wonderful!

  12. Love popsicles and they are perfect on these warm Summer days, I remember make mini ones in ice cube trays too!
    Thanks for sharing this with us at TOHOT!

  13. These popsicles look so delicious and refreshing. They are perfect for cooling off on hot summer days.

  14. Omg so many yummy popsicles!!!! Nothing better than a Popsicle during the summer so I'm
    Definitely going to be trying a few of these out!

  15. Ooo, being pregnant during the summer, I've been eating popsicles like crazy. I need to get a popsicle tray to make some of my own!

  16. Popsicles are the perfect summer treat!
    Thank you for joining Thoughts of Home Terri!

  17. I thank the man who accidentally invented it in 1905 because ice lollies ( yes I am British!) are super refreshing. Its a summer staple how could we not enjoy these delicious treats.

  18. I love making my own fruity popsicles and my kids like it because they get to choose their favorite fruits. No leftover orange popsicles in the freezer because nobody likes them.


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