June Garden Party!

Our backyard got a tiny make over this month!

We purchased a wooden table, bench and chairs from World Market two years ago.  While it looked fantastic for the first summer, last year and this year, not so much.  The table's stain faded badly and peeled, and the surface became very rough.  We decided to donate it to someone who wanted to spend the time to fix it up.

Our daisies have started to bloom.  This shot was taken prior to the redecorating.  See the lounge chairs?

I shopped for some sales over Memorial Day weekend and found this set at Kohl's for a fantastic price!  With a coupon code given to me by a neighbor, we saved 20% off the sales price.  Kohl's was unable to fill the order, so they offered to sell us a more expensive table for the same price.  Needless to say, I was very happy to do so.

We love the yellow against the blue of the house.  Our front door is yellow, so this is a nice transition to the backyard.

The rugs were purchased at At Home.  I love all the colors in the rugs!  We are also seeing a lot of Stella d' Oros in bloom right now.  This picture shows them early in the season, but now we have tons of them!

There's a garden party going on at Poofing the Pillows.  Go and check out all the different gardens.  We're joining up!  
Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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