Project Beautiful's #PBColorOurWorld Brown

Say hello to Project Beautiful, a group of bloggers who are fascinated by the world around them, including things such as gardening, nature, books, cooking, children, and more! This is our monthly blog round up of posts centered around a specific color.  Last month, we featured the color orange and now this month, brown!

Let's talk about brown a bit.  Brown is a composite color, meaning it is a combination of colors to make it.  There are many ways to make brown.  You can combine all the colors together, or you can use red and green in specific proportions to make brown.  Brown is the least liked color, according to some, but I love its richness and velvety smoothness.  In languages other than English, brown sounds a lot like our word for coffee.

Blooming Secrets featured these lovely brown tinted flowers.  I am in love with these irises.  Gorgeous.

Landscape Design by Lee has a lovely photo essay on beautiful browns in the garden.

Day to Day Adventures made these easy Low Carb Chimichangas with her son.  Adorable!

Sensible Gardening wrote a wonderful piece about using chocolate brown plants in the garden.  Lovely photographs!

The Freshman Cook has a wonderful recipe for her Acorn Cookies that has the prettiest shade of brown icing ever!

GardenChick has fantastic advice for all of us who are finished with our gardens for the year.  Look for how to turn a brown garden green!

Tikkido has a new Gingerbread for Beginners that is just adorable.  I bought my copy and you should get one, too.  Such a great guide for making gingerbread!

You might remember my brown posts on Homemade Cough Drops.  It was quite the hit!  

Our world is a beautiful place and our colors make it a wondrous place to behold.  Treat it with kindness, after all, it is home to all of us.

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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