Homemade Headache Salve

Trying to reduce the amount of chemicals in my body, I looked for a solution to my headaches.  Most of my headaches are caused by allergies or stress, so I wanted to find a easy, inexpensive and effective method for easing the pain.  I had tried a wonderful product that was a roller ball that you stroked across your forehead that was very effective, but the product was a bit expensive and hard to find.

This homemade product reminds me of the rollerball one.  The idea is to smear a bit of the product across the forehead, on the temples or on the nape of your neck.  You can also just simply inhale the scent.  The scent of the product (essential oils) helps your muscles relax so that the tension can be relieved.

Combine 1/4 c coconut oil with 1 T sweet almond oil.  Melt by either microwaving it for 15 seconds or by placing the oils in a bowl and placing that bowl in a bowl of hot water.  Stir until incorporated. Add 10 drops of lavender, 10 drops of frankincense and 4 drops of peppermint and stir well.  Pour into small containers.  Refrigerate until hardened.  The product doesn't need to be refrigerated but it will melt in temperatures over 76 degrees.  Be mindful of this if you are carrying it in your purse. I store ours in the refrig all the time.

I find this to be soothing and relaxing which helps the headache.  It is also my first solution before deciding that I do need to take a pill.

What pain relieving solutions to medicine do you use?
Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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