A Sentence A Day~October

This month for my Sentence A Day, I am going to take part of a 31 Day Challenge to combat my feelings of being overwhelmed at different aspects of my life.  This will be a real challenge, keeping it to a sentence a day!  The 31 Day Challenge will help you walk through the different aspects of your life, prioritize them and keep them in your clearly defined focus. I'm ready to be focused!

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October 1.  Starting where I am right now: a full week of travel and work presentations, running two blogs, teaching two college classes, balancing family and friends, and time for myself.

October 2.  Recognizing that my life is full and that I am happy about it, makes me wonder if I am a product of adult ADD, and that I need all this stimulation in order to feel.

October 3.  Examining my priorities has helped me to realize that I think everything is a priority, and we all know that cannot be true, so I pick my family, my work, my college classes and my blogs, in that order.

October 4. I am working on my planning and that is really helping me with being overwhelmed, because when I have a plan in place, I feel like I am in control.

October 5.  Another thing I have learned, to combat the feeling of being overwhelmed, have fun with friends!

October 6.  I am remembering to count my blessings and to drink my water, which seems to help me focus and be more aware of what I have to do.

October 7.  The weekends always make me feel excited, as I get to plan or not to plan, and both feel right!

October 8.  I took a day trip to a wonderful place to see a statue that represents pioneering women everywhere, and took the time to say a prayer of thanks.

October 9.  Went to my hometown to attend their annual cancer dinner with my mom and spent the night in her apartment.

October 10.  Took a picture of my high school best friend and put it on Facebook and got the sweetest reply from her, doing things for others is a wonderful feeling!

October 11.  NOT a stress free day when you have to work with overworked and underappreciated teachers who feel you are the perfect punching bag.

October 12.   Driving to my next school allowed me a bit of time to enjoy the fall colors and a peaceful ride with my music.

October 13.  I had the best time watching school children tell adults how important it is to find win/win solutions to problems and that you need to sharpen the saw daily.

October 14.  Spending the day revising a presentation that consultants across the state will use to inform teachers is an awe-filled task.

October 15.  Such a great time with our book club watching Girl on the Train and having dinner together.

October 16.  Date Night with my husband to see the Symphony at 3:00 and Howie Mandell at 7:00 and loved the differences!

October 17.  Spending the day with my colleagues doing work that will help teachers work smarter, not harder.

October 18.  TWO DAYS with the amazing Jan Chappuis as we learn how to share good formative evaluation with our state's classroom teachers.

October 19.  I am overwhelmed with information to share with our teachers, but in such a great way!

October 20.  A day to unwind and to get prepared for the upcoming weekend and next week, so needed after so many days on the road.

October 21.  My husband and I shared a dinner out with friends at an amazing restaurant where the food was O U T S T A N D I N G and the company even better!

October 22.  The band had a full weekend with the first night at the Moonshine Whiskey Bar and I am always amazed at their incredible talent.

October 23.  One of those days when you know that you made a good decision to build a house in a neighborhood that supports you 110%.

October 24.  The most special day of the year, better than Christmas and the Fourth of July, is our daughter's birthday, who is 31 this year!

October 25.  Book Club night is always so much fun with the group who loves to read and discuss books so much, likes a great glass of wine and wonderful snacks!

October 26.  As I read over these sentences, it looks like I have more fun than overwhelming feelings.

October 27.  I am enjoying a lovely overcast, fall day, with nothing more to do than to fill out some papers for work, read a couple of articles, and pack my bags for tomorrow's presentation!

October 28.  Today I was with a group of eager educators, who want nothing more than to do what is best for their students and their teachers, which makes me so eager to do my best for them.

October 29.  Today my feelings were overwhelmed multiple times as my dear friend Linda had her friends at a painting party to celebrate her 65th birthday, one we were not sure she'd make it to, when she was diagnosed with liver cancer a year ago.

October 30. A day of relaxation and harmony while we enjoyed another beautiful day!

October 31. There is such satisfaction in seeing the faces of happy children trick-or-treating!

This is October, 2016!
Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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