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What a perfect color to highlight in the month of March:  GREEN!  St. Patrick's Day, the color of the new grass in spring, all great reasons for us to share with you all the good that is going on green-wise in March!

I love that the word "green" comes from the words grass and grow.  Isn't that perfect?  Green is mostly associated with life and birth, but there are some that see it as a color of mourning.  Green also indicates safety, like in the green light in our traffic signals.  In the Middle Ages green was worn by the middle class, as evidenced in the Mona Lisa by da Vinci, and the benches in the House of Commoners are green.

Our Project Beautiful bloggers have been busy with their gardens this month and have brought to you a variety of wonderful green things to share with you.  First, let's start up in the northeast part of the country with Lee at Landscape Design by Lee.   Lee is going to tell you how green is used in Japanese gardens.  It is a beautiful post and this will inspire you to go and see more!

Lynn at Sensible Gardening will tell you all about unusual green flowers.  I loved this post, as I believe green blossoms set off any color of flower you have.  Just try it.  Your pinks seem pinker, your reds more deep.  It is the perfect accent color for a bouquet.  She got me with this green daylily.

Susan at Blooming Secrets talks to us about green all year long.  I snagged this photo from her blog to show off the beautiful greens you find in the spring.  I particularly liked the section on green in the winter, though.  Gorgeous.

My contribution this month was talking about the Salad Bowl Gardening.  Getting ready for it and the nutritious plants you can grow in such a small space.  I had salad for weeks!

If you are a blogger who likes to garden, please check us out on our Facebook group.  Send me a PM at Terri Oliver Steffes that you would like to join us!  We are a group that supports one another in various ways through blogging and our facebook pages.

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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