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National Napping Day!

Lately I have been thinking about stress and how to reduce it in my life.  I wrote about journaling here and how writing helps me relieve stress.  I also know that there are many ways, including exercise and sleep, that help reduce the stress in daily living.  I'm not a huge fan of exercise but I do love my sleep.  You have all heard of the power nap, right?  Dr. James Maas, a professor at Cornell who coined the term, has lots to say about napping.

I tried the power nap and found that I was more cranky and listless than before I napped.  That is not a good way to convince me to use a nap as a way to deal with stress.  However, what I learned was that I was doing it wrong.  Yes, there is a right way to nap, and this is how.

The ideal power nap should be 30 minutes or less.  Too long and you wake up like I did and too short doesn't get the job done.  For a nap to produce memory and creativity benefit, it should be 90 minutes long.  (That's no longer a power nap, though.  That's a full cycle nap!)  The second point is that the nap needs to be in the middle of the day.  Too late and you won't be ready to go bed at your regular time. Other points: sleep in a cooler room, with comfortable clothing and dim lighting. If temperature consistently keeps you up, you should consider getting breathable sheets or even a cooling mattress. Remember to always set your alarm so you don't sleep too long.

I have tried power napping since learning these tips and I can say that I am feeling the benefit of stress relief.  Now, I just need to figure out a way to love exercise and I will be calm, cool and collected!

There is a great article to let you discover what kind of napper you are.  Go and see and let me know in the comments what kind of napper you are!!  Five Different Napping Personalities

Information for my post came from The A-Zzz's Guide to Power Napping.
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