Truman and Wilson February #ChewyInfluencer

Truman and Wilson love their morning walk with their dad, regardless of the weather.  They are the first ones up in the house, usually pulling on the covers to get Bob out of bed.  Wilson is the most eager to go, jumping up in big leaps or running circles around Bob's feet.  I sleep blissfully through it all, unless Bob happens to be out of town.

After their walk, it is time for breakfast.  Both dogs have special needs diets, which requires them to be patient while Bob prepares their food.  In order to gain a little peace, he often gives them one of these Fromm's cookies.  We call them cookies, and at only 12 calories a treat, it doesn't upset their appetites.  Truman and Wilson prefer savory treats over sweet ones, and these come in a parmesan cookie that they really love.

Since it is National Puppy Day, we are blessed to call these dogs our family.  Their stories are unique and heartwarming, especially Wilson's, who has had many lovely people looking after him over his life.  We are so glad to be one of them.

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Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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