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Girlfriends and Gardening #WaveRave

I wasn't paid to do this post, although I was given the plants and pot for free.  I also was not asked to write this post, but I love the flowers and the shops involved so much that I wanted to write all about the experience!

For me there is no better way to spend time with your girlfriends than in a gardening center.  Walking among the flowers, daydreaming about English gardens and just oohing and ahhing over all the gorgeousness is a lot of fun.  And then you discover Wave Petunias.

Put this all together with girls who love to blog and eat, you have the makings of a wonderful event. Several St. Louis bloggers came together to learn more about Wave Petunias at Parkview Gardens here in St. Charles.  Hosted by Julie from julieblanner.com, we learned how to pot up some gorgeous patio pots, with eats from Prasino's and expert help from the people at Wave Petunias!

When we first arrived, Julie was there to greet us and get us started with sangria.  We chatted a bit, admired the flowers, and as others arrived, started snacking on this delicious food.

prasino st. charles food

Once we were all there, we learned about the Wave petunia and how it came to be.  I love the story and I want to share it with you!  A Japanese beer company employed several horticulturists who grew plants for the flavors that go into making their product.  When the company was looking at options for wine grapes, it discovered a vigorous spreading petunia growing wild.  The breeder was able to produce a seed that resulted in the first Wave Purple petunia!  In 1995 the company won an award and impressed Anna Ball, the president of Ball Horicultural Company which is headquartered in West Chicago. They saw the potential in the flower, and the rest is history!!

Our wonderful presenter showed us the elements of a good planter pot and then set us to task creating our own pots, with the star being Wave Petunias.  

We potted, planted, talked, discussed and eventually admired each and every planter, as all were unique and gorgeous!  Some put herbs in their pots for future cocktails and drinks!

Here is my pot, blue like the house with yellow and white flowers.  Right now it is sitting happily with my patio furniture, next door to the succulent angel.

You can learn a lot more about the Wave Petunia, including tutorials on planting here.  Go and check them out.  We all need pretty flowers in our lives. It reduces stress and gives us something to care for. Did you see a favorite color of Wave Petunias?

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  1. The flowers are all lovely. I think this is your latest post? I don't see a date but I am assuming it is. Have a wonderful upcoming weekend. xo Diana


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