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Mother's Day Gift Guide

I was given this wine glass in exchange for my honest review.

I love getting and giving unique gifts for my friends and family, and Mother's Day is no exception! I like to spoil my mom with things she wouldn't buy for herself.  This year I am giving my mom some fun things that I thought you might like to hear about, especially if your mom is around the same as as mine (which is a young 78!)

My mom doesn't read my blog so I feel very comfortable sharing with you what she will be getting next week.  The first gift is from QVC and is this fun hanging plant.  This is an artificial plant, with a string of lights woven through it.  It was approximately $50 but I know my mom will get a lot of use from it on her front porch.  There are a lot of colors to choose from too, but I wanted to choose realistic flower colors.

The second gift was this Mother's Love necklace from the Vantel Pearl party that I was invited to. This is such a fun party! You purchase the setting, then join a Facebook Live party to open a real oyster. The pearls that you open are the ones placed into your setting.  It is so addictive. This necklace was around $70.  The pearls are gorgeous.  I won't show you the exact necklace, but here is a photo of the necklace, and of the pearls I opened!

Aren't those pearls going to look awesome in this necklace?  I can tell you, I have the necklace already and it is gorgeous!

Another fun gift is this wine glass from DuVino Wine Glass. My mom doesn't drink wine, but she loves fun glasses and I thought she would love this fun wine glass!  It is about $18. The wording is so cute! The bottom fill line says, Classy.  The second fill line says Sassy and the third fill line says Smart Assy!  Adorable!!  The glass has a 12.75 oz capacity, sturdy stem and base. The shape is more like a tulip which I think is beautiful.  It is dishwasher safe, comes in a white gift box.  You can buy this at Amazon (see the link below).  I will be buying this for a certain set of girlfriends in the near future, too. There are other fun sayings to choose from, too!

DuVino wine glass

My last gift for my mom is this hummingbird feeder.  Mom hasn't been a big fan of birds as far as I know, but I love seeing them myself, so I thought I would get this wonderful feeder I found at a fair. The design is such that you actually make the syrup in the feeder (directions included) and the design makes it ant proof, which is important.  You can purchase a hanger to hang it from a window, or you can simply hang it from a shepherd's hook.  It comes in a variety of colors, too.  You can purchase this here.

I hope you found the perfect gift for your mom, I know I sure did and that she will have a blast seeing all these fun things!  Let me know which one would be your favorite!

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