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A Sentence A Day~April

April is a beautiful month here in Missouri, and this month in my sentence-a-day-journaling I focused on the beauty of spring as well as my personal daily happenings.  We should always remind ourselves of the beauty around us.  It is a great stress reliever!

A Sentence A Day Journaling

Here are the past months renditions: For past editions of the A Sentence A Day journaling, check out these links: MayJuneJuly,  AugustSeptember,  October NovemberDecember, January 2017, February 2017, and March 2017.  It's hard to believe that it has been almost a year!  I need to think of a way to celebrate!

April 1.  Even though it is April Fool's Day, I put a down payment on a new convertible, so excited to be able to enjoy the April flowers with the top down!

April 2.  Bob is working hard to get the planters up for my new cutting gardens, where there will be a potting bench and fruit trees!

April 3.  My doctor revealed that I have lost 20 pounds!

April 4.  I loved seeing my JC girlfriends at Book Club tonight, these are the women my soul cries for when we are apart for too long.

April 5.  I can tell my students are beginning to stress about their big Decision to Teach paper because the same question was asked six times in class tonight!

April 6.  I loved seeing my middle school teachers today and hearing how proud they were of their student growth this quarter!

April 7.  I absolutely despise going to the tax office, however, I love my tax guy!

April 8.  A lazy day to spend just with my husband is always a blessing, especially when we are in a garden!

April 9.  The symphony was extra good today as we got to hear the swing sounds of Gershwin and seeing all the blooming cherry trees.

April 10. Today I was in Columbia to train for our new principal recertification workshop and I have to say, I love being with these dedicated professionals!

April 11.  I was in Columbia again today to have our monthly meeting but it was a bit special as the Dean of Education came to our meeting.

April 12.  Another meeting with my tax guy but the highlight of the day was meeting with the high school girls who are going to model the wedding dresses for the brunch later this month!

April 13.  We are headed to Chicago to spend Easter with my daughter, alas, not in the convertible like we had planned and our dinner was at a fantastic location where the room was so sunny and bright it felt like you were dining outside.

April 14.  The four of us went to Garfield Park to see the new display themed after Chicago baseball and had a fantastic time looking at plants, flowers, arrangements, and water displays.

April 15.  Our event for today was to go and watch the ships move down the Chicago River back to Lake Michigan, in an annual event called the Bridge Lift, where 27 bridges are lifted in succession until all boats reach the Lake.

April 16.  We had Easter brunch at Dusek's which was crazy good, with some courses being paired with beer and afterwards, headed to Washington Park to admire all the daffodils!

April 17.  Today we are to pick up the car, 16 days after the initial purchase, which I find entirely unacceptable.

April 18.  NO car.

April 19.  A training on critical thinking at the middle school today kept my mind off the fact that we still don't have a car.

April 20.  I had blood drawn today in order to see how my first 12 weeks on my new program is going!

April 21.  Our dinner club ate at a restaurant that is owned by the same family that hosted our rehearsal dinner for our wedding and noticed they have a spectacular outdoor seating area.

April 22.  Today was the PEO brunch, Daisies Say I Do, which was a huge success and so beautiful and I love all my PEO sisters!!

April 23.  A down time for us, which was so needed, after our big event yesterday, and seeing my phlox in my butterfly garden in full bloom.

April 24.  I had my PEO sisters who serve as officers over for dinner tonight and Bob did a great job on the major portions of the dinner.

April 25.  Met with middle school for the last time this year and did some more work on critical thinking.

April 26.  We had a wonderful book club meeting today and afterwards met with the president of The Bridge foundation to talk about fundraising, afterwards drove around our neighborhood and admired all the pink dogwoods.

April 27.  Today was one of those days where I feel so much passion about my work, then, followed up with an online book club meeting with my daughter!

April 28.  Bob and I drove to the dealership to get the new car today, completed all the paperwork and was waiting for the all clear to drive home, when the BUSINESS manager refused to let us take the car home until our bank issued the check for the car.  

April 29.  Even thought it was a rainy mess of a day, we did manage to go to the Master Gardener Plant sale which helped with my attitude about STILL NOT HAVING A CAR.

April 30. What a downpour we are having, but the side effect is that I have two adorable dogs snuggled up next to me.

Thank you for joining me for this so fun journaling experience!  It has been an entire year of journaling with a sentence a day.  I enjoy doing it and would love to group up with other writers to continue the idea. I started a Facebook group, too!  Who wants to join me?  You can join here! 

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