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Hydrangeas~ #PBColorOurWorld Blue

When we picked blue for our color in #ColorOurWorld last year, I thought my hydrangeas would be up and blooming, but due to a wild and wet week, the hydrangeas are still in the bud stage.  I still want to share with you about getting a nice blue in your hydrangeas.

blue hydrangea

First, you have to have the right hydrangea plants.  I have a pair of oakleaf hydrangeas that will not have blue blossoms, no matter what I do to them.  You have to have what are known as mopheads or lacecaps in order to get the blue blooms.  These plants can change their bloom color based on soil chemistry.  Acidic soil gives you blue blossoms, while a more alkaline soil gives you pink.

First you will need to know the acidity level of your soil.  Use a pH kit to find out.  You can purchase them in most garden stores.  This will give you the natural pH of your soil.  Then you will determine what you need to do to get blue blooms.  The pH range for blue blossoms is 5.2-5.5  If your pH is higher, then you will want to LOWER the pH by adding soil acidifer (follow the directions on the package.)  If the soil pH is lower than that, you will want to RAISE the pH by adding powdered garden lime, also available at your garden store.  Follow the directions on the package.

blue hydrangea

You will have to retreat the soil at the minimum, annually.  If you see your blossoms turning another color, retest the soil and treat as suggested above.

For our color theory lesson, blue is one of the primary colors.  Our sky and water appear blue due to the optical effect called Rayleigh scattering.  Blue wavelengths scatter more widely due to the oxygen in our atmosphere and our eyes see more blue.  A similar thing happens for blue eyes, there isn't any actual pigment in the eye, it has something to do with scattered light.

blue hydrangea

The stone lapis was used to make blue pigment for art in the middle ages.  Blue is most associated with intelligence, calmness and concentration.  Did you know blue was the most popular color for men's suits?

One of my favorite blues in in the painting the Girl with the Pearl Earring by Vemeer.  Isn't it a gorgeous blue?

How do you use blue in your garden?  Any further tips on hydrangeas?

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