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Front Porch Sipper #CookOutWeek

I was given the syrup in exchange for a recipe and my honest review.  All opinions are my own.

I love making cocktails and need no excuse, but it is #CookOutWeek and that's always a great time to create a cocktail!  This is a simple concoction, perfect for sitting on your front porch and sipping as you watch people walk by or the sun setting.

I live in a delightful community called New Town at Saint Charles (Missouri) where one of the features is a front porch. Front porch living is alive and well here!  When the concept was being created, the decision makers said that all homes must have a front porch. It is one of the most fun things about the neighborhood!

So while my dear #husbandwhocooks is doing his thing in the back, you might find me catching a breeze on the front porch chatting with a neighbor, hence the name of the cocktail: Front Porch Sipper.

I was given a bottle of this delightful syrup to try from the The French Farm  and this was the inspiration I used to make this cocktail.  I used pineapple juice as the base as pineapple is the symbol of hospitality!  Nice, Terri, nice!   They sponsored several bloggers this week and you can check out the other choices we had here!

On to the cocktail.  So simple and delicious.  It will become your go-to drink for hot summer nights!

Front Porch Sipper (for one!)

6 oz pineapple juice
1 oz lavender syrup
1 oz vodka
crushed ice

Add ice to a shaker and to a highball glass.  Pour juice, syrup and vodka into the shaker and shake until the contents make the shaker cold!  Strain into highball glass.  Garnish with edible garden flowers!

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