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How to Window Box

This book was given to me in exchange for my honest opinion from Blogging for Books.

One of my garden dreams was to have a sweet little window box in my backyard.  I knew where I wanted it, but it wasn't a perfect place to have it.  I have a knock out rose bush under that window and it gets pretty large. This year I took advantage of the bush being winterized, had my friend make a box for me and got it installed.  Now I will have to keep trimming the roses back!

On the way to fulfilling my desire to have a window box, I came across this darling little book called How to Window Box: small space plants to grow indoors or out by Chantal Aida Gordon and Ryan Benoit.  As I was reading this delightful book full of ideas for you to create your own box, I kept daydreaming about what I wanted to put in my box.  This book had me thinking outside of my comfort zone.  How about the Sandbox?  Or the Herb Garden? How does Edible Petals sound to you?  The Southern Bell?  I want to make them all!

There is an information section on How to Garden in a Window Box and Resources to help you know what you need to be successful.  The book is small in size, and absolutely adorable with photos that inspire you to jump off the couch and rig up a window box!

I always believe in sharing a good book, so my intentions are to create a gardener's basket for our local garden tour, include this book and a few gardening tools and a gift card to a local nursery. Would you bid on this basket?

Here's how my window box turned out. I'll keep you posted on it's growth.  It looks rather spare at the moment, but I think it is going to fill out beautifully.

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