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Mother's Day Brunch Menu #tastecreations

It was such a joy to put together this month's Taste Creation post.  Instead of us each doing an isolated item based on a theme, we created this whole menu that you can make from beginning to end.  All you have to do is to create your shopping list from the recipes!

We are starting you off with this amazing Avocado and Tomato Cucumber Cups  by Teri at A Freshman Cook. Make these ahead and have them ready to munch on when mom comes over!  I personally plan to add these cuties to my summer apps list. 

You can also have this yummy mocktail ready to go: Peach Melba! Make this lovely mocktail (add 1 oz vodka to the glass before pouring to make a delightful cocktail) and serve it while the finishing touches are being made on the brunch.

Peach Melba

1 c suger
1 c water

Mix sugar and water together in a saucepan. Bring to a boil.  Boil for one minute.  Turn off the heat and let cool to room temperature.

1 ripe peach
1/2 c fresh raspberries
2 springs lemon thyme
6 c club soda, Sprite or Sierra Mist
4 c ice

Pit the peach and cut into slices.  Add to room temperature syrup and let steep for 4 hours or overnight. Remove and discard the peaches. Strip one of the lemon thyme springs and place in a large glass pitcher.  Add raspberries and muddle.  Add all of the simple syrup.  Add the soda to the pitcher.  Stir well.  Add 2 c ice to pitcher.  Fill 4 glasses with ice.  Pour over ice.  Garnish with additional raspberries and lemon thyme.

The main course of this lovely brunch are these beautiful and delicious breakfast sandwich made with a sriracha and cheddar biscuit from Nikki at Tikkido. Yum.  As the side, make this insanely delicious pasta salad with summer vegetables from Rosemary at An Italian in my Kitchen.

These two dishes look so pretty on a plate!  The reds from the tomatoes and sriracha plus the yellows of the biscuits and corn... gorgeous!

Last but not least, serve this Mothers Day Carrot Cake as a tasty ending to your meal.  The fresh ingredients and the creamy frosting is lovely.

How do you like our menu?  We know that tastes are different from family to family, so we have included other mocktail/cocktails, desserts, salads, breakfast items and apps below. All these recipes are tried and true by our Taste Creations bloggers.  Choose our menu, or create your own with the wonderful recipes below!

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