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Friday Faves #7

Happy happy Friday!!

I had a full week of work, and getting ready for the rush of workshops that I will do once school starts for teachers in the next two weeks.  I saw an amazing presenter last week, Mike Rutherford, and now I am raring to go!

1.  I love Brene Brown and I am always wowed by her insights.  Here's a quote of hers that I have pondered on all week:  "Everyone wants to know why customer service has gone to hell in a handbasket. I want to know why customer behavior has gone to hell in a handbasket." So what is it? I have been appalled at what some businesses believe is customer service. If you get bad service, do you take it to social media?  I had an incident on Friday and I posted my feelings on Facebook. A side of me is glad I did, another is not.  What do you do?

2.  I am reading White Houses by Amy Bloom. I love historical fiction but this is really very close to being a biography. The author creates some of the dialogue between Hickok and Eleanor Roosevelt. Blooms weaves a beautiful tale around their love affair, and does so beautifully. Very compelling.

3.  My daughter and I started watch the Netflix series called Amazing Interiors.  This show features homes that look ordinary on the outside but what is inside is completely unexpected.  We saw a basement that is a Cub's fan dream, a house that looked like a medieval castle, another that had a salt water aquarium that the owner has to don diving gear to clean it!  Highly recommended!

4.  I had the most delicious cocktail on Sunday.  We went to brunch at 1764 Pub House, a restaurant in Central West End Saint Louis and I saw this on the menu. It's called Rise and Shine.  Here is the description:  Wake up and smell the rum ... and the coffee. 1764 Cruzan Aged Single Barrel Rum blended with Kaldi’s Haya Cold Brew, banana and vanilla cream. It was a frozen drink but so refreshing and delicious!

5.  Last but not least, I went to one of my favorite plant nurseries this weekend, Bowood Farms, and I loved, loved, loved this idea they have for making your own bouquets.  I am thinking about stealing this idea for a fundraiser (or maybe community relationship building) for our local garden club.  Isn't this wonderful?

I hope I have helped inspire or introduced something new to you today!  I have plans to see Momma Mia this weekend with some friends.  What is on your weekend calendar?  Have a good one!

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