Hawaiian BBQ Hot Dog Kebabs #FantasticalFoodFight

I love this time of the month when the Fantastical Food Fight bloggers compete with a theme to get the most clicks!  We have such fun and the winner gets bragging rights!  If you are a food blogger, or a blogger who posts recipes, you might want to join us for this fun event. This month the theme is Kebabs!  Who doesn't love food on a stick?

The inspiration for this kebab comes from our short trip to Chicago the second week of June.  We took in a White Sox/Cardinals game and got a classic Chicago dog, because, you know, when in Rome do as the Romans do...

I love hot dogs and so does my family.  We could eat them every week, but don't you sometimes want to change it up?  My daughter's recent trip to Hawaii was another inspiration for this hot dog.  Delicious hot dogs, cut into one inch pieces, alternating with sweet pineapple chunks, all wrapped in bacon, then slathered with your favorite BBQ sauce!  Grill until the bacon is crisp and the hot dogs cooked through. Does that sound delicious to you?  The full recipe is below!

Yield: 4

Hawaiian BBQ Hot Dog Kabobs

prep time: 15 minscook time: 10 minstotal time: 25 mins
Delicious sweet and salty kebab that everyone will love!


8 hot dogs, each cut into four pieces
24 one inch chunks of pineapple
8 skewers
8 slices bacon
BBQ sauce


Heat grill to medium.  If using wooden skewers, place them in water to soak (helps prevent burning on the grill.)  Cut hot dogs and pineapple.  Take one skewer and starting with the hot dog, slide the hot dog toward the bottom. Add pineapple and alternate two more times, ending with a hot dog.  Wrap a slice of bacon around the entire hot dog and pineapple skewer.  Brush on BBQ sauce over all the bacon.  Place on grill until bacon is done and the hot dogs are cooked through.

Remember to remove the toothpicks before eating!


Remember to remove the toothpicks before eating!
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