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Friday Favorites #13

I am writing to you from Palm Springs, California, where I am vacationing with my family.  It is hot here, 105 most afternoons, but still we are LOVING this part of California.  Look for a travel post next week on our stay!

I hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend with family and friends!  We missed out on our neighborhood fun, the weekend was full of sidewalk art!  Two events:  Chalk the Walk was all about getting assigned a square on the sidewalk and drawing to the theme, which was the best of New Town!  The second event was Flip Your Lid, which was to color in the beautiful sewer covers around the neighborhood.  Here are a couple of photos of my favorites.

and for Flip Your Lid,

I'm very proud of my friend, Molly, who organized this fun, fun event for our community!

Now let's get into the things I want to share with you!  I have so many good things that I am eager to get going!


I have been reading up a STORM!  So many books, so little time.  Here are the ones that I am working on now.

Eagle and Crane by Suzanne Rindell.  This was recommended to me by my daughter and I love it.  The book is about two unlikely friends, an American boy and a Japanese-American boy, who learn how to do stunts and tricks on flying airplanes. The stories go so much deeper than that, though. Set during the Great Depression, 1930s and Pearl Harbor, Americans are not kind to the Japanese that live here. I'm not finished with the book, but I am loving it so far!

I am also reading When by Daniel Pink, a book about the scientific secrets of perfect timing. I have read several books by him and I love them all.  Sourdough by Robin Sloan, a book set in San Francisco. It's not your typical foodie book, but I am intrigued by the setting.  Last, I am reading Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson. This is based on a true story about how mercy can redeem and a call to fix our broken justice system.  The reviews are incredible and I cannot wait to start!

Game Night Idea

Do you love games as much as we do?  We love our games, and so when I see a great one, I buy it with great anticipation!  Such was the case when I purchased Ridley's Games Room Sing It Back Music Quiz while in Palm Springs!  The game has one of the team members singing the line of a song to the other group.  The other group must sing the next line back to win the round.  Bonus points are given if the team can name the song title and artist!  You don't need to be a polished singer to do well, it's even more fun if you aren't!  There are a bunch of other games by this company, such as, 80s Pop Quiz, Football Pop Quiz, Travel Pop Quiz, Movie Buff and more!  Great stocking stuffer, too!

Starbucks Reserve

I didn't know that Starbucks had a special set of stores called Starbucks Reserve until my daughter and her husband visited their first one in Seattle. It is a specialty store featuring the rarest and most unique coffees that Starbucks has to offer.  There is one in Palm Springs, so we decided to check it out. When you first walk in, it reminds you a lot of their regular stores, but when you see the coffee bar, all bets are off.  The coffee bar is set up to make coffee any way you want it, from the beans, the type of roast and the type of brewing that you want. If you are a coffee master, you should try to get to one of these awe-inspiring stores.

We fly home on Saturday, and Sunday will be the laundry day and rest up day because the following week is busy for me.  I have two workshops to give and an observation to complete.  Have the loveliest of weekends, friends!  Until next Friday,

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