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Friday Favorites #14

Welcome to my weekly edition of "here's the things I am enabling you to buy" post!  Don't tell your significant other that you got the ideas from me, I don't want to be banned from your computer! Ha!  I am excited to share these products with you!

How's your weekend shaping up?  My husband's uncle passed away yesterday, so hopefully we will be able to travel to be with the family.  We live three hours away and it is during these times when we feel the distance the most.  We are headed to one of our favorite art festivals on Sunday, The Mosaic, which is full of juried artists.  We have purchased several pieces from this event.

We will also be glued to the tv as Hurricane Florence makes her way across the country.  A friend of mine is hosting a wedding at the Biltmore on Saturday.  I hope they find a bit of a break in the rain.

Let's go with the fun stuff!

Palm Springs was magical!

I had no idea I would fall in love with the desert. Our resort was close to the mountains and sunrise was gorgeous. All pinks and blues.  A post next week about the trip, so look for it!

Gin and Tonics

My family loves their gin (I'm not a huge fan!) and this gin, Tanqueray Malacca is the family favorite.  It isn't made often, and so when it comes out, we buy a lot of it, hoping to last until the next distilling comes out (it doesn't.)  I do like this gin because the juniper berries take a backseat to other floral flavors.  The drinks are smooth and delicious!

Instant Pot Giveaway

Hiro's Asian Fusion

We ate here last night before the concert and let me tell you, the decor isn't the only thing that is gorgeous and yummy!  Saint Louis friends, this is on Washington and you must get down there and try it.  Still working out some kinks on service, but they are trying really hard!

Maroon 5

This is why we were in downtown Saint Louis!  Let me tell you, they performed nonstop from 90 minutes and then gave us a 30 minute encore. Although very loud, the songs were what we remember from our early 2000s.  If you get a chance to go, DO!

Hoping you all have a great weekend and that you have family and friends to share it with!

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