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Phoebe's Light #ourgoodlifebooklist

I was given this book to review in exchange for my honest feedback.

I am a big fan of Suzanne Woods Fisher and when she publishes a new book, I hold my breath.  Can she continue to put out great stories, time and time again?  

The book's main character, Phoebe Starbuck, has received her biggest wish, which is to marry the handsome Phineas Foulger and sail the seas with her husband.  Her father has always been the main focus of her life, keeping him out of debtor's jail in particular.  As she gets ready to sail her father gives her a journal from Great Mary, her wonderful great grandmother, whom everyone adores. She doesn't see the purpose of the journal, but her new husband sure does.  All through the trip he tries one underhanded way after another to get hold of the journal.  As Phoebe suffers from horrible seasickness, she turns to the journal to provide some comfort and is drawn in by her grandmother's words.  As she reads, she discovers a family secret that makes her realize her marriage is a farce and that she needs to get home as soon as she can.

Suzanne Woods Fisher has once again did her homework when it came to making this story alive with detail. I love historical fiction, and the craft of jumping between that and romance is sometimes difficult without becoming overwhelming. Suzanne's craft blends the two genre's beautifully.  You can see my review on The Return and The Devoted by following the links.

Learning about Quaker history is always interesting to me.  I also appreciated the new setting for this book and learning about the sailing lives of the men who live on the harbor. Once again, Suzanne Woods Fisher delivers a wonderful story.  I cannot wait until the next one!

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