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Book Review Sunday-The Five Love Languages

Gary Chapman has written a book to describe different ways that people need to feel loved. As a nonfiction book goes, it was good. One of my favorite parts happens on the first page when Mr. Chapman quotes Mark Twain as saying, "I can live for two months on a good compliment!" Essentially you learn that there are five different languages that people depend on to feel loved. They are: Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, Acts of Service, Words of Affirmation and Physical Touch. The book describes each of them in detail, including little stories to more effectively illustrate the point.

The book has a short quiz at the back to help you identify what love languages work best with you. Bob lucked out: I scored nearly an equal score on all five. He can't lose!

I would recommend this book if you are trying to find ways to deepen your relationship with your spouse. It reminds you that it is the little things that matter!

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  1. I just read your comment on my newest post. Strangest thing. I hit enter too many times and my new post posted while I was still trying to write the paragraphs. So I had to edit.

    A guy I work with read this book and told me about it a few years ago. I always meant to pick it up and never have. I sure couldn't hurt to read anything to help give a better understanding, that's for sure!!!

  2. It was great catching up ... glad I'm back!

  3. Do I really want my husband to understand me better? It's bad enough that that he thinks he does! I might read it, but not him.

  4. Hi Terri

    We're still in CA, but I had a minute and wanted to see what you've been up to. That was a darling photo of Truman. This book sounds like a good one. Thanks for the recommendation.


  5. Love this book!!!
    What love language are you?
    I was gifts about 10 years ago, but today it would be acts of service.
    HH has always been acts of service.


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