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The Theory of Happily Ever After #ourgoodlifebooklist

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theory of happily ever after

This is my first read from author Kristin Billerbeck and it won't be my last. My personal requirements for a rom com novel is that 1. the characters are believable and likable, and 2. I have to laugh out loud. A lot. This book checked both marks!

The main character, Dr. Maggie Maguire, is a young and accomplished woman. She's written a best selling novel about how people find joy in living, yet she is miserable. She recently was dumped by her fiance, who she suspects was using her research to establish himself in her field. She's avoiding work, where she is to write another novel, a sequel, on happiness and it just isn't happening.

Her two best friends, Kathleen, a personal trainer and Haley, her publicist, book her to speak on a singles cruise about finding your bliss. Without her knowledge! When Maggie finds out, she is mortified and refuses to go.

When she is literally dragged onto the ship, she meets Sam and his sister Jules, who are attending the cruise along with Jules' husband. She also meets Brent, the ship's bartender. What roles will they play in helping Maggie find her place in the world again?

The Theory of Happily Ever After was such a fun read. Billerbeck has a way with sarcasm and tongue-in-cheek humor that will have you in stitches. Yet, the author manages to weave in serious commentary on finding our own bliss. She reminds us that we have a purpose and what happens when we lose sight of that purpose. I'd love to see this book made into a movie by my favorite channel, The Hallmark Channel.

** “I’d give it all up for the chance to sit still and be. To be still and know that he is God, like the Bible says. To figure out what does make me happy, what my dream is. What does God want from me next?” **

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