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Best Home Security Additions You Didn't Know You Needed

We’ve been told to lock our doors, hide our valuables, and install deadbolts for maximum home security for years. It makes sense — lock your doors, and no one will be able to get in uninvited. But that’s only one piece of the puzzle. You also need to secure your home’s other entry points, such as windows and doors.  

That’s why we’ve compiled the most important and beneficial home security additions you didn’t even know your home needed.

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If you want to see what’s going on inside your home from a different perspective, a drone is an easy way to do it. This isn’t just limited to homes either — you can use a drone to check on your business’s roof and inspect your property for damage. 

We recommend the DJI Mavic Pro. It ranges up to 4.3 miles, is easy to fly, and comes with remote control. A drone doesn’t come cheap, but it can last a long time. While most drones cost around $1,000, you can get a good one for less than $500. That’s because drones usually aren’t worth the price tag until a few years after they’re released. 

DVR For Your Security System

This one may seem obvious, but you may not be using your security system properly. If you’re not getting alerts when you’re supposed to be, or you’re not recording everything that goes on in your home, then you’re not getting the full potential out of your security system. We recommend getting a DVR for your security system.  

The best DVRs come with affordable home security features, including a built-in wireless security camera. We recommend the $100 Viewdle Watchdog DVR. It has a reasonable price tag, can record up to 5 Terabytes of data, and comes with a wireless security camera if you don’t already have one.

Home Security Audits

Most companies that offer home security services will come and do a free security audit on your home. This way, they can tell you precisely what you need to improve on in your security system and make recommendations on how to get it up and running as smoothly as possible. 

We recommend getting one of these audits every year, even if you’re not changing your security systems. Most people don’t think about how their home is actually structured and where everything is in relation to each other. That’s why an audit is such a valuable service. It helps you learn these things to make the relevant changes to the security of your home.

Tinted Windows

You may have tinted windows on your car, but they’re far less common in homes. They are, however, an excellent addition to your security features. It’ll put unwelcome visitors off because they can figure out if anyone is inside. Whether there’s a car on your drive or not. If they can’t guarantee they’ll get away with the act, they’re more likely to move on. 

If you’re interested in Residential Window Tinting, it’s worth getting an estimate first. The feature can cost anywhere from 3 to 9 hundred dollars, so it’s a significant investment. But if you’re getting it done, you want it done right. True, you can get a good deal. Yet going too cheap means you won’t get a quality product. 

Motion Sensor Tech

It’s becoming increasingly important that you protect your home. And you probably already know that you should lock your deadbolts, but have you considered smart deadbolts? If a sensor detects movement, it closes the lock almost immediately so no one can get in. This saves you the trouble of unlocking and locking the door whenever you want to get inside. These smart deadbolts can be as expensive as $300, but you can get most of the same benefits for less than $100.  

Unfortunately, these smart deadbolts don’t have the same benefits as a smart home. So we recommend getting them as an addition to your existing security system. But if you want to start small with an intelligent lightbulb, we recommend the Phillips Hue White Ambiance Bulb. It works with Google Home to create a smart home with a simple voice command.

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