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Want a Log Cabin Feel in Your Home? I “Wood!”

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Do you look around the house and find your surroundings feel almost underwhelming? When we want to make upgrades, such as a classic interior, it's hardly a surprise that most of us shy away from investing in such big upgrades. But there is a balance that you can make. The rustic approach is classic, yet affordable, and specifically, the log cabin look has long been popular for this very reason for so long. What can you do to create this log cabin feel in the home?

Making Changes to the Walls and Ceilings

This may be impractical at first, however, you can make some simple changes around the property, such as log paneling. Log paneling is something that will create an instant texture and rounded shape that is romantically rustic, making it instantly feel like a log cabin. You can always go for cheap offcuts of wood if you are on a budget and use products like Anchor Seal for wood to stop them from deteriorating quickly. One of the most important things to remember is that you can always paint the walls to match the log cabins if there is a clash of colors.

Changing the Floor

Of course, if you want to make your home look more like a log cabin, wood flooring is the best option because flooring always makes a big impact on our opinion of a space. Hardwood flooring, especially the traditional types, look very warm but can be very expensive. One of the best ways to straddle the balance here is to use laminate flooring that resembles wood. When you are picking the type of wood for your floor, it's always a good idea to go for a warm finish. Something like mahogany will immediately increase that level of warmth in your home.

Additionally, rugs are a simple way to create a minimal rustic feel. Pairing rugs up with big accessories like the couch will ensure that you shake up the look. Even if you're not looking to completely alter your floor, you can get the balance right by installing stone tiles. Wood and stone are perfect bedfellows, and even just a handful of slate tiles will get that balance working perfectly.

Picking the Furniture

Furniture is mainly the focal point of any room in the property and therefore, you need to have furniture that will reflect this rustic and rugged feel. Wood is always an obvious option for creating that log cabin feel without completely going overboard. Furniture is a major investment, of course, so if you do not have the budget you can choose styles that showcase finished wood. We have to remember that, psychologically speaking, the little touches here and there are going to make a big difference to how we view a space. Therefore, having focal points such as long pieces of wood as a structural implement can make a big difference to any space. You can add wooden bed frames to your bed or you can use the garden as inspiration. The garden is an amazing space because you can bring a lot from the outside indoors. If you are looking for a simple way to upgrade your decor, natural materials from the garden will make a big difference.

Additionally, look at something like wool or flannel because they pair up very well with accessories in a log cabin style. You also need to think about the furniture and how you can decorate it. Because when you are trying to evoke a rustic style, this can be a great little secret weapon. Additionally, you can use patterned pieces such as rugs or throws. But we have to be careful not to confuse the decor with a variety of plaid, stripes, and patterns all mixed up. We need to focus on a sense of cohesiveness within the rustic log cabin. Going minimalist is going to help you create this feeling easier and save you on the pennies, but make sure you don't go overboard with your minimalist approach. Minimalism is a very modern design trend, so if you are trying to upgrade your home from something modern to slightly rustic, you can run the risk of a very muddled look.

Choosing the Right Accessories

If you really want to go down to the bare basics, the right accessories can transform an entire property easily. When you are looking for the right items to create a charming and rustic feel, you never have to go far. All you need to do is head to your local thrift store and you can find plenty of quaint items for cheap. Sometimes, simple items such as wooden coasters can easily conjure up images of a log cabin. If you want to completely renovate your home to create that natural feel, you could upgrade to a log burner or a wood-burning stove. But we need to remember that a log burner can take a while to get fired up within the right temperature. But it's also important to remember that your space will naturally keep heat in if it's not sufficiently insulated. This is something that you've got to really think about when you are trying to recreate the overall feel of a log cabin.

Additionally, you can make a few simple swaps, including reducing your electronics around the home. When we are trying to create a very rustic environment sometimes paring the modern things back can change how we view the space. Lighting is also another thing that you can use to your benefit. When you choose lanterns that you can plug into a socket, it pushes that antique vibe forward, and you can easily get these in any local thrift store.

These are a few ways for you to recreate that log cabin feel in your home. But of course, a log cabin is a very warm and resourceful feel. If you really want to be true to your style, you can make simple changes for cheap that will always make any property feel more like home.

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