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Celebrating Fathers Day

 Father’s Day is a national holiday here in the United States that is celebrated in the third week of June.  It’s the perfect time of year to celebrate dads, especially if they love the outdoors.  Typically, the weather across the USA is generally pleasant which allows for all kinds of great outdoor activities.  If the outdoors isn’t your thing, then read on, as I have several suggestions on how you might want to celebrate!

Add some funs to your plans by doing activities that involve the entire family.  That could be as simple as watching a movie together, working on a craft project, heading out to go fishing or a round of golf.  In any case, you should consider adding a card to go along with the day’s theme.  You may want to include funny fathers day cards, too, and create a day filled with fun and laughter.

To get your day started, cook dad a terrific breakfast.  Start the day the right way with any of these delicious breakfast ideas:  Hearty Tator Tot Casserole, Chilaquiles with Eggs, or Croissant Breakfast Ring.  Any of these delicious breakfast ideas will start the day right, along with good coffee or a fantastic Bloody Mary.  This one has a candied bacon strip as the garnish!

Then wrap your day around any of the following activities:

Post on Social Media

Let the world know how special your dad is.  Post a photo of you and your dad during happy times on Instagram or Facebook, two of the world’s most popular platforms.  Write from your heart, and watch dad beam with joy over your wonderful words.

Choose an activity

Think about what your dad likes to do.  Some of my favorite memories of my own dad include these activities:  a road trip, going fishing, a family bowling game, watching a movie (my dad loved John Wayne!), playing arcade games, hosting a BBQ with family, and friends, and visiting his friends. 

Give a gift

My dad wasn’t one for gifts, but we always managed to get him something that made him surprised.  When my sister and I were really young, we wanted to buy dad an “outfit.”  My mom took us to a “Men’s Store” and we purchased dad a matching outfit of shorts, a shirt, and even socks.  That memory still makes me laugh when I saw my dad’s reaction to his baby blue outfit!  We also gifted him his annual hunting license, some golf balls, and when we got older, some tee shirts from our school activities. He always seemed to love each and every one!

Celebrating Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show our dads how much we care about them and appreciate their efforts in making life good for us.  Even though the traditional role of the breadwinner and main disciplinarian is no longer the norm, it is still important to recognize the efforts of the dad of the house.  Share your joy and happiness in having a dad by letting dad know how important he is to you this Father’s Day.

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