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How to Feel Good About Yourself As You Age

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Aging is a standard part of the human experience. We’re considered lucky if we get to age. However, not everyone is thrilled by the consequences of aging, like a gradual decrease in their physical and mental capacity, wrinkled skin, and aches and pains. We may not be able to avoid the aging process, but we can try to avoid the negative feelings that come with it. Here are a few helpful tips for feeling good about yourself as you age: 

Address the Pain Points in Your Control

Despite aging being a natural process, we don’t have to accept every part of it. If there’s anything you don’t like about yourself and it’s stopping you from living life to the fullest, see if you can change it. 

For example, you might type ‘Minoxidil 5 Canada’ into a search engine to find Minoxidil 5% in Canada to treat hair loss. This topical solution has been proven effective for treating thinning hair and advanced baldness. 

You might even explore cosmetic procedures if you have more fine lines and wrinkles than you would like. Everyone deserves to age gracefully, even if it means looking for solutions to potentially slow down the process. 


Many older people are physically inactive. Studies have found that inactivity among older adults is due to a lack of interest, a lack of fitness and energy, and discomfort like joint pain and shortness of breath. 

While you may not find traditional exercise enjoyable or comfortable, it may help you live life to the fullest. Riding a bike, walking, trying water aerobics, and dancing are all fun, social, and straightforward exercise types you may enjoy. Alongside the social and entertainment benefits, exercise as an older adult may also prevent or delay health problemscommonly associated with older age.

Do Good         

Feeling good about yourself as you age doesn’t have to mean doing things for yourself. You can feel good about yourself by doing things for other people. Studies have found that it can be the key to happiness.

There are plenty of options for how you can do good to benefit from the happiness it brings. You might volunteer with a charity, perform random acts of kindness throughout your day, or help friends and family. 

Spend More Time Outside

Retirement can sometimes mean you don’t get outside as much. You don’t have to make the commute to work, so you can sleep in, watch TV, and potter around the house. However, it can be worth spending more time outside to feel good about yourself. Alongside fresh air being beneficial for our mental health, we also need plenty of Vitamin D for our bone health. 

Not having enough vitamin D may put you at risk for various health conditions like bone pain, myalgias, weakness, and even osteoporosis.  There are plenty of fun outside activities, like gardening, fishing, walking, cycling, or reading a book in your local park. 

Getting older can be an overwhelming experience, but it can still be enjoyable. You may be able to maximize your enjoyment of life by getting outside, doing good, exercising, and changing anything within your control that makes you unhappy

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