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Travel Destinations On a Low Budget

 5 Places to Travel on a Low Budget

Who doesn’t want to travel and escape from the daily hectic routines? But unfortunately, many people don’t because they think it would cost them a fortune to travel to a nice and relaxing destination.


Let’s break this misconception once and for all, as there are so many places that you can travel to even if you’re on a budget. This article is all about the best travel destinations for you if you’re on a low budget. 

Let’s explore the 5 best travel destinations you can visit if you’re on a low budget.

1.    Vietnam

The very first place on this list is Vietnam. With an average spending of $35/day, you can enjoy the breathtaking views in this place. The meals cost around $5 to $12 if you’re living on the standard three meals per day. As for the accommodation, it could cost you anywhere from $5 to $10, depending on the location you’re living in.


For traveling around the city, you can rent a motorbike for as low as $8, or you can use GrabBike, similar to Uber, which costs around $0.50 for a 2km trip. Lastly, you’ll need sim data to communicate with the outside. For that, you’ll need an additional $6 for 1.5GB data, which will be valid for the next 30 days.

2.    Malaysia

If you can afford to spend $40 a day, you can definitely go to Malaysia. Many people think that this country is expensive because of its economic development, but the truth is that it is still one of the cheapest places you can travel. In Malaysia, you can explore the Cameron Highlands, the jungles of Borneo, and the gorgeous islands. All of these are the most affordable options.


An overnight bus from Kuala Lumpur to the Perhentian Islands costs as little as $15. You can also explore Malaysian cuisine. In it, you can find food from just about any culture, and all of them are very cheap and delicious. Here, the data costs around $8 for 2GB with a 30-day validity.

3.    Northern Thailand

Now let’s explore the Northern Thailand. The average you’ll need to spend here per day is merely $32. If you’re on a tight budget, this is one of the best places that you can travel to. Even if you want to live in popular places like Chiang Mai, you can find a dorm for as low as $7. Sound quite tempting, right?


For meals, it will depend on your daily intake. It could vary from $5 to $15 accroding to what you decide to eat. If you want to roam around the place, you can get a bike for $6 to $10, depending on the condition, or can use a rental car split between four people. Lastly, the sim data costs around $7 for the same 1.5GB data for a month.

4.    Georgia

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Now, let’s roll back to Georgia. If you can afford to spend $30/day, this could be the best place for you. The best part about this place? The government here allows a majority of people to enter this beautiful place even without a visa and allows them to live here for one whole year.


You can find quality hostels at a reasonable price range here. Also, a meal at a local restaurant would only cost you $3. And as for the local minibus ride, you can get one for less than $1. But what more does this place offer? Entrance fees to museums and historical sites are mostly less than $2. There are many day trips, hikes, and monasteries in Georgia, where you can easily spend months and not get bored.

5.    Indonesia

The last place on our list is Indonesia, which is filled with beautiful scenery and is definitely one of the cheapest places that someone on a low budget can travel to. The only expensive thing here is transportation, but you can tackle it by using the public transport, which would cost you around $8 to $15.


Secondly, it is recommended that you stick to only one region. You can ride a scooter through the mountains, go hiking, chase waterfalls, and slouch in a hammock by the beach all day. All of this costs almost nothing. For as low as $35/day, you can enjoy this fascinating place and take a break from your hectic routine.


People who are always on a budget don’t like spending on luxuries. They think that it would upset their budget and traveling someplace is really expensive. But what they should understand is that there are places where they can go as well to lighten their mood. You can explore the 5 places mentioned above for under $40. 

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