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Overview of Curacao Gaming License

An innovative country, Curacao offers multinational corporations a full gaming license. For several online gaming operations on your platform, this reliable and easy-to-get license is excellent. Curacao suits online casinos.

Overview of Curacao Gaming License

Benefits of Holding a Curacao Online Gaming License

  • Cheap application procedure.

  • The application procedure is quick and simple.

  • Tax laws that are acceptable.

  • Simple gaming regulations.

  • Every gaming establishment needs a single license.

  • You have the option to display the license label on your website.

Understanding the Curacao Electronic Gaming License

Curacao E-Gaming license, established in 1996, is among the most esteemed gambling permit in the electronic gaming domain, popular within leading gaming operators and service providers. The island's unique position within the Kingdom of the Netherlands grants the regulatory benefits without the burden of European tax rates. Curacao streamlines licensing by issuing one e-gaming license for all gaming operations.

Currently, only four organizations possess a "Master license," which they utilize to issue and oversee sub-licenses, also referred to as "IP" (information provider) licenses. These licenses cover all aspects of electronic gaming.

Key Goals of the Licensing Procedure

Some generally agreed-upon goals form the basis of the Curaçao licensing:

  • Criminalizing dishonesty eliminates online gaming fraud and other illicit activities.

  • Prioritizing the safety of players is of utmost importance. This includes safeguarding youngsters and paying out player prizes.

  • Combating Compulsive Gambling: A key component of the licensing procedure is addressing the possible hazards of online gaming, including gambling addiction.

Strategies for License Acquisition with InteliumLaw

Considering the recent Curacao regulation changes InteliumLaw recommends obtaining of an advice prior to applying for this license. 

It is still possible to receive the license from one of the Master license holders in the jurisdictions. Another option is to apply to the Gaming Control Board directly. 

The procedure recently is quite complicated. Thus, is you wish to enjoy the benefits of this license, please contact experts in the field for consultation.   

Application Documentation

The application process involves submitting a comprehensive set of documents, both personal (for directors, shareholders, and beneficiaries) and corporate. Essential documents include valid identification, proof of funds' legality, criminal record certificates, utility bills for address verification, CVs, business plans, software contracts, game descriptions, domain ownership proof, operational country list, financial audits, and AML policies.All papers need to be translated into English and stamped with an apostille.

Engage InteliumLaw for Expert Assistance

InteliumLaw specializes in navigating the nuances of obtaining a Curacao online gambling license. The team of Curacao gaming lawyers will conduct a thorough analysis of your requirements, propose tailored solutions, and assist in establishing the optimal corporate structure to meet your needs. For a detailed consultation and expert guidance on securing a Curacao gambling license, reach out to InteliumLaw. 

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