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The Professional Edge: Using Ponytail Extensions for Corporate Looks

Let’s face it: Looking good is not as important as looking professional at the office. Gossip around the water cooler is enough to know that being successful includes being seen as successful. Dressing for success is not just about your wardrobe!

Using Ponytail Extensions for Corporate Looks

Using Ponytail Extensions for Corporate Looks

It extends to the hairstyle you wear.

Big hair, messy hair, and overly complicated hairstyles all lack the professional edge needed to be successful in the workplace. Bobs were the go-to style for professional women for a long time, but today, the ponytail has proven itself more rewarding for the busy professional.

With the advent of ponytail extensions, it is easier than ever to achieve a corporate look during the day and shift to a fun night on the town style as quickly as clocking in and out for the day. During the day, the classic look of the ponytail is both feminine and classy.

Professional hairstylists and professional career coaches agree that long hair should be in a ponytail. With real human hair ponytail extensions, you can have your desired length without the long wait or commitment that long hair traditionally requires.

Eye contact is very important during professional conversations. With bangs or messy hair covering even part of your face, you give a sloppy appearance. This combines with the sense that you're not fully paying attention.

What qualifies as a professional ponytail hair extension?

1.     Secure. The ponytail should be firmly held in place with a clip or styling mousse.

2.     Braiding your ponytail hair extension can add a unique appearance. Avoid overly complicated braids and go for one easygoing braid of your ponytail hair extension.

3.     Curl. Ponytail hair extensions can be curled to add some wave and bounce.

4.     Parting options allow for a unique wearing experience for all ponytail hair extensions. Moving the part creates a wholly new look and style without the need for complicated cuts or styling changes.

Go easy on styling products.

The days of big hair that required a lot of hairspray or styling mousse are gone. The simple, elegant look is more well-received in corporate life. While some styling spray can be a great tool with ponytail human hair extensions, achieving a winning look doesn't take a lot.

You are there to work; your look should express that.

Overly complicated or distracting hairstyles can cause people to miss the real work you're doing. When speaking, you want your manager and coworkers to focus on what you're saying, not wondering what keeps your hair in place.

Ponytail hair extensions make it easier to create a flattering style that is not distracting. This is especially true for huge hair accessories like bows or obnoxious scrunchies.

Ponytail up or down, which is more professional at the office and in the boardroom?

From that first interview to your presentation to the board of directors, you need to know what your hairstyle says about you. While ponytail hair extensions can be used for high and low ponytails, not all of the options are good choices in a professional atmosphere.

Facial expressions are a large part of how the Western business professional expresses emotions and can be used to emphasize key points during a presentation. Ponytail hair extensions that are worn in a messy style or with wispy ends trailing onto the face can reduce the effectiveness of facial communication.

Consider a low ponytail, which can be combined with a small bun for an austere professional look.

The high ponytail is stylish and adds a hint of sophistication to the professional work look. With the right ponytail hair extension, this look can increase your sense of authority and reassurance of professionalism.

Ariana Grande uses a ponytail style that is as well suited for the office as it is for a night on the town. Many women have attempted this iconic look with lackluster results. Here is how to create a high ponytail.

The high ponytail for the successful professional one step at a time.

a.      Apply heat protectant to your ponytail hair extension before blow drying!

b.     Begin the way the professional stylists do: with a good blow dry. This step will set you up for success, and neglecting it can lead to difficulties later.

c.      At this stage, you want your hair to stick out like a crazy woman. Use a styling comb or brush to achieve this.

d.     Create the part from ear to ear. Use your styling comb to achieve the horizontal part. You want your ponytail hair extension to form a diagonal with your cheekbones. You will want to pull it back when you get this alignment.

e.      The goal is to make everything as smooth as possible. A small amount of hair oil or styling mousse can help create a super smooth surface. Then, use your hair tie to hold it in position.

f.      You should now have a top and bottom half of your hair. This allows you to style each half individually. Now, it is time to move the bottom portion up and fasten it to the top ponytail with another hair tie.

g.     Last, we want to wrap some hair around the hair ties so they are not visible. You will want to use a half-inch to one-inch piece of hair to cover the hair ties. Use a bobby pin to hold this piece of camouflage hair in place.

Pro Tip: Instead of spraying hairspray onto your ponytail, hair extension spray into your cupped palm. Then, use your palm to smooth out any flyaway hair.

While it can take a few tries to perfect this method, this method of creating the Ariana Grande high ponytail for the workplace will allow you to shine. Combining this with various ponytail human hair extensions lets you change the style and color on a whim.

Can you still look professional with a low ponytail?

Yes! Many stylists argue that a low ponytail is more professional because of its more straightforward and less distracting appearance. It also can reduce the chance of hairs falling onto your face as the day progresses.

At the end of the day, ponytail hair extensions offer a variety of hairstyles for the office.

Ready to check out some ponytail human hair extensions in person?

The office is nowhere to take a chance on a new look without trying it out in person first. I like to visit Private Label down the street from my office to get advice and tips on ponytail extension styles before trying them at the office.

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