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Pool Party

 Summer is the perfect time for you to invite friends and family for a fun tropical pool party. With warm weather and sunny skies, it’s an opportunity to start the summer or end it with some great memories- celebrating it in all its glory. Today, we will chat about some tips to help you plan a fantastic summer pool party that keeps people entertained and creates unforgettable memories.


Step 1: Pick the Date

It’s basic yet the most important consideration when planning a pool party. Start by choosing a date and time that works best for you and your guests (preferably summertime). Weekend afternoons are perfect as it allows for your guests to relax and enjoy the sun. Send out the invites well in advance giving people enough time to RSVP and book out their day, the invite should also sum up the expectations of the day in a creative way.

Step 2: Choose a Theme

Having a themed pool party makes things just way more exciting. Maybe consider choosing a popular theme like frooty tooty, beach bums, or a retro 80s pool party. The theme will help direct your decor, snacks and food, music, dress code and who knows maybe inspire a transformation of your outdoor space.

Step 3: Decor and Ambiance

Think about it, your pool is the centerpiece of the party, so make it stand out. Choose pool-friendly decorations such as floating balloons and candles, and colorful beach balls- you can even try and work in a game or two. Think about adding a pool float island for guests to chill on. Add pool lighting to create a magical atmosphere, especially if your party extends into the evening hours. Floating LED lights, underwater lights, and string lights around the pool area can create a stunning visual effect. These lights not only add to the theme decor but also light up the pool for safety.

Step 4: Comfy Seating

Make sure there's plenty of seating so everyone can relax, chat, and move around easily. Think about arranging lounge chairs, beach towels, and umbrellas around the pool area. Create cozy spots with outdoor pillows and blankets for those who'd rather stay dry. A shaded area is a must for anyone needing a break from the sun.

Step 5: Refreshing Food and Drinks

A pool party isn’t complete without delicious food and refreshing drinks. Go for light, easy-to-eat options like finger foods, fresh fruit platters with dips, and sandwiches. A BBQ setup with burgers, hot dogs, and veggie skewers is always a hit and super easy to make.

You should also serve a variety of refreshing drinks. Have lots of water to keep guests hydrated (other than your deliciously thought out cocktails). Set up a drink station with lemonade, iced tea, and mocktails. A tropical cocktail bar with drinks like piña coladas and mojitos is a must for adults.

Step 6: Pool Games and Activities

Keep your guests entertained with fun pool games and activities. Organize a water volleyball or basketball game, set up a poolside cornhole, or have friendly water sports contests everyone can participate in. If it is a special occasion, a DJ is always a hit and the obvious party starter. A photo corner with props is a fun and memorable idea for people to truly imprint the day and have a nice takeaway.

Step 7: Party Favors

If you really want your guests to remember the day you should consider sending them home with something special from the day. Party favors like mini beach balls, sunglasses, or personalized water bottles can add to the fun and remembrance of the occasion. You could even include a snack pack to take home- the party doesn’t have to stop with goodbye. These small tokens show your appreciation and leave a lasting impression.


Planning a summer pool party takes some effort, but the joy and memories are worth it. The key to a successful party is creating a laid-back, enjoyable environment where guests can have fun and unwind. So, relax, enjoy the process, and get ready for a fantastic time!

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