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Cottage Cheese Green Goddess Dip

 This healthy version of a traditional Green Goddess dip will be a winner at your tailgate or football watch parties.  Each serving is loaded with protein and healthy fats.  Serve it with raw veggie sticks to add fiber and you have a healthy snack!

Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday is a group of food bloggers who get together and write on a theme each week.  This week we are sharing recipes for Tailgating/Football Party Food.  My family loves football, so I like to have fun recipes, both tried and true and new ones like this Corrage Cheese Green Goddess Dip on hand.  Do you have a favorite party food you serve on game days?  The bloggers listed below all are sharing delicious dishes.  Be sure to check them all out!

Tailgating/Football Party Food

What goes into Cottage Cheese Green Goddess Dip

For starters, I use 4% milk-fat cottage cheese and drain any excess liquid from it.  The full-fat cottage cheese seems to make a more sturdy dip.  Next, I use herbs from my garden, typically basil, mint, chives, and parsley.  You can use other green herbs like tarragon or oregano, I just happen to like this flavor combination of herbs.  I add an avocado to increase the healthy fat ratio in the dip.  I look for a ripe, almost overripe avocado and mash it before I add it to the food processor.  I also add a little garlic and lemon juice.  The lemon juice keeps the dip looking fresh and green.

What to serve with Cottage Cheese Green Goddess Dip

I feel like this is best with stick-style vegetables or rounds like cucumber circles.  The sticks are strong and hold a lot of dip!  This dip is also delicious with toasted naan.  For a really bumped-up flavor profile, use garlic naan.  Toasted bread sticks work very well with this dip, too.  Good crackers will work well with the dip, especially whole wheat-style crackers.

Cottage Cheese Green Goddess Dip Recipe

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  1. I love the idea of adding avocado to this dip. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love this green goddess dip with cream cheese. Perfect for large crowds. Would love to have it with some potato chips.


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