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Bob and I love books.  With Bob being an English teacher and me teaching elementary students, we have bought a lot of books in our life!

We are in a book club together, BBL (Babes, Broads and Lushes) that meets monthly.  We rotate who is to bring dessert and wine.  We meet at the same couple's home each month.  Four women (including me) met at the JC Country Club and over four bottles of wine, came up with the name BBL.  We have been meeting since 1995.

I started a book club at my school in 1996.  We meet at a local restaurant and discuss books and movies and kids and teaching.  We have a new blog at http://www.westschoolbookclub.blogspot.com/

After moving from the Jefferson City area in 2012, I started a bookclub in New Town, St Charles, in July 2013.  I am so happy to be in another book club!  Our first meeting went well, and I am pleased that we are meeting at the Wine Bar in New Town for our first discussion.  I have also joined our PEO's book club that meets bimonthly.  My life is not the same without books!

The New Town Book Club has met regularly since 2013.  We have six consistent members and 12 on our list!  We read everything from classics to popular mysteries.  We meet at the Wine Bar and enjoy that venue while we talk about books!

I joined a Christian book club at The Bridge.  I go when I can, but since I work during the days, it is not as often as I like!  Love the books they chose, all with a religious theme.  Great ladies!