11 July 2010

Mosaic Monday~Meet the Family!


The Steffes/Hasty Families


Here's our family, minus the two furbabies we have... whom you can meet on the right hand side of the blog!

Eric is a banker and a full time student.  He plans to go to law school.  He loves golf and reading!
Ashley is a full time doctoral student. She also teaches in her program at the university.  She loves clothes (in many aspects) spending time with friends and is learning to sew.
Bob is a middle school principal.  He likes to be busy!  He loves to cook and is in a band as a drummer!
I am Terri.  I am an elementary principal.  I love to read and plan ideas for Bob to do! 


  1. Cute mosaic Terri!

    I did get a new camera! Last week before we left for the lake, I bought the Canon Rebel T2i. It came with two lenses. The 18-55 kit lens and a 75-300 lens. I am loving this new gadget.

    I used the 75-300 lens for some of the photos this morning and a few were taken with my 18-200 Tamron lens. I am loving all the practicing. Jim is very supportive in this little hobby, which helps a lot too.

  2. That's quite the grin that Bob's sporting.

    Hope that all is going well...I'm off to get caught up with your posts. I know nothing and that is unacceptable.

  3. Fun mosaic! You have a beautiful family!

  4. You have a beautiful family and thanks for sharing them with us. Take care:)

  5. Nice to meet you and yours! Thanks for joining over at Mary's!

  6. What a lovely family...I love your Family Mosaic..:)

  7. Nice looking family!

  8. Very pretty looking family... Its lovely!

  9. How nice to "meet" you all! With mom and dad both school principals, I can see how your children have become such great achievers. Thanks for sharing your lovely family at MM. :)

  10. Happy mosaic.

    Happy family.

    Happy post.

    Happy you!

  11. Cute mosaic. And I did look down the column on the right until I found Wilson and Truman.


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