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Happy Christmas in July!

Today is Christmas in July!  Are you watching QVC?  Are you singing Christmas carols?

I tried a new cookie recipe today that I might be using for our family cookie exchange in November.  It is called Potato Chip Chocolate Chip cookies.  It is not a sweet cookie, but it is perfect for dunking!

I tried several variations of the cookie and made Bob be the judge of which one he liked best. Those are the ones I will be making.

I also am making a tapas recipe for our Christmas Eve celebration.  It is a meatball recipe with an orange glaze.  Mmm.  When we were in St. Louis we all loved the tapas restaurants we ate at and I thought it would be a fun think for us to do!

So far I've only spent about $50 at QVC.  Not bad since I have watched it for several hours!

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  1. Potato chip chocolate cookies? Recipe please.


  2. Interesting recipe! Yes, do share! QVC and I make a dangerous combination. I'm quite sure that I'm still paying for the set of pots and pans I bought years ago. :D Couldn't sleep, middle of the night, nothing better to do, sigh.

  3. Terri, I had to chuckle at your last two posts. I, too, start planning for the holidays almost as soon as they are over!! I'll be looking forward to more ideas from you. So far, so good!!


  4. Are there really potato chips in the cookies? The orange sauce for sipping the meatballs sounds really good!
    To answer your question, I have picked up Tea Time off the magazine rack at the book store several times. maybe I should get a subscription.

  5. I think my husband would love these cookies because he loves potato chips and chocolate chip cookies! Which variation did your husband like best?

  6. The cookies sound interesting. Christmas in July! I don't have anything planned...maybe I'll watch a Christmas movie.

    I was thinking about your tipsy cherries the other day. I know I have the recipe somewhere but haven't been able to find it. Do you have it in your blog archives by chance?

  7. Hi Terri!! OMG....I just caught up on a whole BUNCH of your recent posts. You have been BUSY, girl!!! Your St. Louis trip looked and sounded wonderful. I know you had plans for Disney, but you sure made the most out of Plan B!! I don't blame Ashley....I'm not eating anything with suckers on it either! :)

    I can't believe you are planning your Christmas meals....and I missed the QVC Christmas, I guess! We were wrapped up with a First Birthday Party Extravaganza for our gr. boy!!! I put in lots of "party assistant" hours Fri. and Sat....and crashed on Sunday!!! My DIL thinks of all of these ideas (the theme for this party was John Deere...our son works for that co.) so EVERYTHING was tractor or farming related!! I am the one who puts in the "hands on time" with her to make it all come together. It was fun...there were 50 folks there...29 were LITTLE children!! My niece, who's 40 and doesn't have kids, was in shock!!! :) She was very impressed, however, with how well the kiddos played together. Mercifully, the rain stopped in time for many of them to play in the back yard!

    I hope the remainder of your summer is just at fun packed as the last 2-3 weeks....and I hope you and Ashley are feeling great! L, Dana

  8. They sound interesting. Thanks for visiting my blog. It is nice to meet you!

  9. Sorry but we had such a long winter with no spring...I can't bear to think about Christmas yet, even though I love it..not yet!!! :D

  10. I try not to watch QVC - everything sounds so wonderful it's had to resist! My MIL had many, many, many boxes of UNOPENED boxes from QVC and HSN when she passed away. She'd just get the thrill of getting something in the mail and never even open up half the stuff!

    Those cookies sound interesting. So do they have potato chips in them? Do post the recipe as they sound intriguing!



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