Happy Christmas in July!

Today is Christmas in July!  Are you watching QVC?  Are you singing Christmas carols?

I tried a new cookie recipe today that I might be using for our family cookie exchange in November.  It is called Potato Chip Chocolate Chip cookies.  It is not a sweet cookie, but it is perfect for dunking!

I tried several variations of the cookie and made Bob be the judge of which one he liked best. Those are the ones I will be making.

I also am making a tapas recipe for our Christmas Eve celebration.  It is a meatball recipe with an orange glaze.  Mmm.  When we were in St. Louis we all loved the tapas restaurants we ate at and I thought it would be a fun think for us to do!

So far I've only spent about $50 at QVC.  Not bad since I have watched it for several hours!

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Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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