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Dam Trip Day 3

Our last day of our trip! We had breakfast at On the Rise Bistro, one of my favorite places for breakfast of all time!! Can you see why?

After breakfast we drove down to the beach hoping things may have changed ... but you can see that it hasn't.  Oh well.

We are home in Jeff City now.  We will do a movie later and have pizza at one of our favorite places, Ria's.  We'll have two days at home and then we are off to St. Louis for a visit to Ashley's surgeon.  We plan to play in St. Louis as well.  We had to give up Orlando but we did not have to give up our fun!

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  1. We haven't had lunch or breakfast at On the Rise this summer! Maybe we'll do that when we go the 20th. We are boarding Molly and having a week away. Also getting together with a few classmates for lunch. Not at the lake though.

    I think I figured out where you stayed. That looks like a great place.

  2. What's causing the bacteria on the beach? Duck poo? I know that it can be a huge problem around here causing swimmer's itch. Nasty!

    I can see why you enjoyed that delicious looking breakfast.

    Ashley news is what I'm looking for as you've probably figured out.

    Oh, your title made me laugh. I got into so much trouble as a kid describing a trip to a dam as a "dam place." Yup, I thought that a bar of soap and my mouth were going to be having a close encounter.


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