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Fourth of July Review

We had such a fun weekend!

We met Eric at the duplex, helped him water his plants and then got into the car to make the trip to Wien. The dogs traveled well and when we got to Wien Irene had made Ashley's favorite meatloaf (recipe here) ready for us with baked potatoes, green beans, salad and bread.  Yummy!   We chatted for awhile then went to the basement and started working on the stuff down there.  Ashley found the cutest Hormel chipped beef glasses that had stars around the rim.  Ashley and I decided to take them to Marceline and put some jello dessert in them.


We woke up and Irene cooked us a real country breakfast of eggs, bacon and toast.  Joy and Gary came in for lunch.  Gary and Bob grilled hot dogs and Joy brought deviled eggs, potato chips, and watermelon. We watched a bit of Wimbleton and then headed to the basement again.  We headed to Marceline to go to some antique stores (Ashley found a Hawaiian wedding gown and a jar of antique buttons and a handmade purse and Eric found a couple of paintings of the St. Louis World's Fair).  We went to mom's and Tammi had made it up!  We went to the Carnival and had buffalo burgers and listened to some music.  We walked around some and then went to get a Dusty Miller, Marceline's unique ice cream treat. Beth joined us and came to talk while we were eating our Dusty Millers.  We bought fireworks and took them back to Wien and then Bob and Gary put on a fireworks show for us!  We had a great time!!

 We had lunch in Marceline on Sunday.  Eric and Tammi grilled burgers.  We had potato salad, cole slaw, potato chips, corn on the cob and Ashley's cool jello desserts!  We visited with each other and I took some photos of mom's great flowers. 

Sunday night we had dinner with the Richardsons.  They have a home right on the Missouri River with a view of the Capitol building.  We have watched fireworks from there for a long while now.  Marsha cooks up a huge fest of good food.

Today Bob made mac and cheese, Hebrew National panfried hot dogs, homemade ice cream, carmelized peaches and bananas, and brownies.  We ate lunch on our brand new kitchen table!  It was spacious and the seats comfortable.  Good buy for us!

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